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AAC (All aluminum conductor)AAAC (All aluminum alloy conductor)ACAR (Aluminum co...

Product Details

AAC (All aluminum conductor)

AAAC (All aluminum alloy conductor)

ACAR (Aluminum conductors, aluminum alloy reinforced)

ACSR (Aluminum conductors, coated-steel/aluminum clad steel reinforced)

AACSR (Aluminum alloy conductors, coated-steel/aluminum clad steel reinforced)

TACSR Conductor

INVAR Conductor

GAP Conductor

ACSS Conductor

Shaped (Z/T) wire structure

Reference Standards

The products meet the international standards of IEC, ASTM, BSI, AS, CSA etc. and can be manufactured according to customers’ requirements. 20Fiber also can design and produce up-rating and big crossing conductors according to transmission line and meteorological conditions.

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