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20Fiber Cable was established in 1992...

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20Fiber Cable was established in 1992. As the backbone of this public company, optical cable factory manufactures all kinds of optical cables.

20Fiber ADSS (All Dielectric Self-Supporting) and ribbon optical cable in communication has been listed in the National Torch Plan and been regarded as national new product.


20Fiber 1000m and shorter span ADSS is the first one to pass national-level appraisal and set 3 records (one hundred million aeolian vibration, one hundred thousand wave, 1,000-hour salt spray test of jacket). These records make 20Fiber's ADSS passed most tests in peer competitors.

20Fiber pays close attention to researching and developing product quality. We cooperate with Shanghai Communications University, Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunications, and have spent 30 millions on the optical fiber technology research centre and have its own intellectual property.

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