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The 3rd rail is made by welding of Ultra-high conductive aluminum alloy and stainless-steel profiles. The stainless-steel surface shall have high abrasive resistance because it is used as collector shoe’s contact surface....

Product Details

Steel-aluminum composite 3rd rail is a single rail installed next to a city rail (subway, light rail, etc.) for power supply. It works in conjunction with the current collector (collector shoe) to provide electrical supply for all equipment onboard the rail transit train.

The steel-aluminum composite 3rd rail is a kind of rigid transmission rail which arranged along the running rail of electrified railway. It transfers the electric power to the locomotive. It is generally arranged on the side of the running rail, so it is also called the ‘contact rail’ or ‘conductive rail’. Through bracket, insulator, claw and other accessories, the 3rd rail is installed on the rail transit line, and the direct current is transferred to the current collector of the vehicle (collector shoes).

As one of the main power supply modes of urban rail transit, steel-aluminum composite 3rd rail system has the advantages of reducing tunnel clearance height, long service life but not easy to break down, easy for maintenance, with no effect on urban landscape and can effectively reduce subway investment. It is widely used in the subway, light rail, tram, single-track tram and other rail transport systems.

20Fiber has been recognized by the market by high-quality products and professional technology and service. We’ve been conducting a large number of in-depth explorations on technology and research. 20Fiber is capable of providing professional customized power supply solutions as well as a series of solutions for existing line upgrading and retrofit for customers.

20Fiber’s 3rd rail can also be used in the ‘four rail’ system, that is, two contact rails, one for power supply and one for reflux. At present, most of the 3rd rail systems use running rail as reflux rail, which not only increases maintenance cost, but also produces stray current easily and has certain impact on public safety. In ‘four-rail’ system, two contact rails can be laid on the same side of the running rail, or on each side of the running rail respectively. It can be equipped with 20fiber’s special current collector to greatly reduce the harm of stray current.

20Fiber’s 3rd rail is steel-aluminum composite rail with the structure of aluminum covered by steel. It can be used for top contact, bottom contact and side contact power supply, and has the following advantages:

✔ Low Resistance   ✔ Light Weight   ✔ Long Life   ✔ Short Lead Time   ✔ Recyclable

The 3rd rail system includes: 3rd rail and its accessory products (bolted joint, ramp, cable terminal, expansion joint, mid-point anchor, insulation bracket, cover, etc.).

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