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Title: Super Flexible RF Cable
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This series of super flexible cable can be used as connect lines between the transmitters,receivers wireless communication devices in base for wireless mobile communications,microwave trasmission,radio communication system,and also can be used as low loss transmission line over other electronic devices.

The products have passed the Ministry-Level verification of the Ministry of information Industry,and recognized as "State Key New Products","High-tech products of Jiangsu province".The company has also successively passed ISO9001 quality management system cetification,the ISO14001 environment management system and the ISO18001 Occupation Health Safe Administration System certification,and it has also been recognized as"High-new enterprise of China National".

Operative Standard:YD/T1119-2001、YD/T1092-2004、Q/320282DBH005-2004.

Cable Characteristic:

  • Low attenuation,low VSWR;
  • Superior bending performance;
  • Good shield effectiveness;
  • Longer utility life.
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