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20Fiber International is a rapidly growing high-tech company. We dedicated to electrical products, telecommunication equipments and power line fittings. After years of accumulation and development, 20Fiber has got respect and credit from clients in China and abroad with high-quality products, excellent service and advantageous price. 
20Fiber mainly provides Cables and Wires:
All kinds of Optical Fiber Cables, ADSS/OPGW Cables, FTTx Solutions, Radio Frequency Cables (Coaxial Cables);
All types of Power Cables, ACSR Conductors, Aluminum Conductors (Aluminum Alloy Conductors, All Aluminum Alloy Conductors), and Medium Voltage XLPE Cables;
Submarine Cables, Submarine Power Cable, Submarine Fiber Optic Cable, Submarine Power Composite Fiber Optic Cable; etc
Beside Cables and Wires, We supply following item:
Ceramic/Glass Insulators;
Optical Fiber Cable Accessories, including Fiber Optic Patchcord, Pigtail, Adapter, Attenuator, ODF, Joint Box
Hardware and Fittings for Conductors including ADSS/OPGW Suspension Clamp, Tension Clamp, Down-Lead Clamp, Armor Rod, Vibration Damper etc.
Raw Material for Cable Factories including Optic Fiber, Galvanized Steel Wire, Aluminum Cladding Steel Wire, Aluminum/Copper Tape, etc
FO Cable Installation and Testing Equipment, including OTDR, Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers, Fiber Cleavers, Toolkits, Led Laser Light Source, Optical Power Meters, Optical Fibre Identifiers, Visual Fault Locators, etc
We also provide OEM/ODM service and new products research.
20Fiber, Your Reliable System Solution Partner Focusing on Electrical & Telecommunication Field! We are creating a top brand with first class products and service!
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